General rental conditions

Forms of payment

The outstanding balance must be settled on the day of arrival. No checks are accepted..

Tourist Tax

1.00€ plus 10% IVA for a person over 16 years old (from 17) and a maximum of 7 nights.

Supplements and offers

For stays of one week will be applied a 10% supplement, with a minimum rental of 7 nights.
The offers will be applied on stays included within the dates indicated from 01.01.22 to 01.07.22 and from 27.08.22 to 31.12.22 and always on the lowest prices of the reserved period. The current offers will be: for stays of 28 days, 3 free days and for stays of 21 days, 2 free days.

Guarantee deposit

At the delivery of the keys, the occupants should give a guarantee deposit of € 200 for apartments and € 300 for houses. This deposit will be returned once supervised the inventory and the state of cleaning of the accommodation if this control can not be carried out before you leave the apartment on the opening hours of our offices, the deposit will be sent by post once the state of the accommodation has been checked.


If accepted, an additional €35,00 per stay and animal must be paid. By not being allowed in all accommodation, if you carry pets, we pray you to inform us at the time of the reservation. In the case of hypothetical damage caused by the animals, the repair will be carried out by the occupant..

Abnormalities and deficiencies

They must be communicated to this office immediately after they have been verified.


All properties are fully furnished with fully equipped kitchens. The linen is not included in the price but it may be hired.


Double sheet 18,50€
Single sheet 13,50€
Large towel 6,50€
Small towel 5,50€


All our properties are cleaned for your arrival and we ask our clients to leave the property in the same condition of cleanness on departure. If preferred it may be cleaned by a cleaner.


Studio 59,00€
1 bedroom 71,00€
2 bedrooms 83,00€
Duplex 2 bedrooms 93,00€
3 bedrooms 96,00€
Duplex 3 bedrooms 119,00€
4 bedrooms 122,00€
Duplex 4 bedrooms 124,00€
Semi-attached house 127,00€
Individual house of 3 bedrooms or less 198,00€
Individual house of more than 4 bedrooms 228,00€

Community Conditions

The properties that belong to a community will be governed by the conditions of that community.

Cancellation fees rested from the pre-payment

25 % in case of cancellation more than 30 days before the first day of the contract. 50 % in case of cancellation 30 or less days or more than 7 days before the first day of the contract. 100 % in case of cancellation less than 7 days before the first day of the contract.


Force Majeure Policy related to coronavirus (COVID-19)
Effective Date: January 20, 2021.

Our Force Majeure Policy offers specific coverage for the pandemic in order to protect our clients and collaborators and provide them with peace of mind.
Accommodation reservations are covered by this policy and may be canceled before they begin.
Travelers who cancel will have several cancellation and refund options available to them:
- a change of dates for a stay in the future (different rates may apply);
- a voucher for a future stay for the amount you have paid;
- full refund of the deposit.

Covered situations:
In this policy, the term "situation" is used to refer to circumstances that occurred after the reservation, which could not be foreseen, and which legally prevent or prohibit the completion of the reservation.
-They have coronavirus or have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 30 days.
-They suspect that they have contracted the disease or have been at risk and are waiting for the results of the tests to confirm or rule out whether they have coronavirus.
-Emergencies and declared epidemics. National or local emergencies, epidemics, pandemics, and health emergencies officially declared by the government. Diseases that are endemic or that are already associated with a particular area are excluded.
-Government-dictated travel restrictions. Travel restrictions imposed by a government authority that prevent or prohibit travel to, staying there, or traveling from there. Non-binding travel advice and other similar government advice are excluded.

In order for you to benefit from the policy, we will ask you to attest to the facts and provide us with documentation that justifies the force majeure that you allege.

Remember that you can only cancel under these conditions if a force majeure occurs before the official arrival date of your reservation.

End of Contract

Upon departure, the client has to leave it in the same conditions as he received the apartment as well as the furniture etc.